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Thank You, BP America!

November 12, 2008
We all want to thank BP America for its very generous donation of $50,000 to the Livingston Parish Public Schools. The gift was a total and welcomed surprise to all.

BP America donated the funds in an effort to help with the costs of damages from Hurricane Gusta and Hurricane Ike. The two hurricanes were a double whammy greatly impacting many areas through out Louisiana and Texas .

The gift of money is greatly appreciated, especially after all of the support our communities received from BP America at the time of the storm. BP America worked in various communities for weeks following the hurricanes. They distributed bottled water, nonperishable foods, cleaning supplies and funds at that time.

The gift to the Livingston Parish Public Schools was part of BP America’s Foundation total donation of $8 million dollars to various communities in Louisiana and Texas  for disaster relief. BP America also donated to organizations such as: The United Way, The American Red Cross, and The Salvation Army. Funds were also earmarked for schools, community relief centers, and volunteer fire departments.

To help raise funds, BP America challenged its employees to donate and promised to match their donations up to $1 million dollars.

I would like to express my personal thanks to one and all, in the BP America organization for their efforts.



Relay For Life: Only 10 Days To Go

November 6, 2008

The South Tangipahoa Relay For Life   fundraiser is set for November 15, leaving only 10 days to participate.

“Relay For Life” is the third largest event in Louisiana . This year will mark the 13th year for the event with a goal of raising $230,000 for the Cancer Society.

There is still time to join a team or start your own. The event will be held at  North Oak Park, right here in Hammond . Each team is made up of 10 runners; each team member is committed to raise $100 for the benefit of the Cancer Society.

I was surprised to hear that the most common answer to the question “Why didn’t you participate?” is “no one asked me”. I would like to rectify that problem right now.  I am asking you to contact the event coordinators and find out how you can participate in this fantastic fundraiser. If you don’t have any running shoes, then be sure to support the event with your presence and your dollars.

The South Tangipahoa Relay For Life is more than a fundraiser, it is a celebration for all those who have survived the catastrophic illness as well as a way to bring awareness to the public.

Please support our community, those who are giving their time and energy in forming the event, for all the runners, for the Cancer Society and for all of those that we know and love who have won the fight and for those who lost the battle, with your dollars. This Tangi fundraiser has never missed meeting it’s monetary goal. Don’t let this year ruin our outstanding record.

Your presence at the event will be an encouragement to all, so be sure to mark your calendar for November 15 at the North Oak ark, 8 am. All the other great people will be there cheering on their teams and individual runners as well as enjoying the festivities and scrumptious food. The event is free to all those who attend.

Thank you for caring,


Contact Lee at for more information

Visit the website

To donate to your team online



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