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Fire and Ice in Hammond , LA

December 31, 2008

Fire and Ice is the theme, once again, for the Ginger Ford Habitat For Humanity fund-raiser to be held tonight in the old Schwegmann Building . The New Year’s Eve gala should prove to be a wonderful evening for all those in attendance. Over 500 guests are expected.

Volunteers from all walks of life in our community have hammered and nailed to transform from vacant building to a winter wonderland ballroom. The empty grocery store now features a chandelier, dining area, martini bars and a stage for the band. Decorations include snow and 30 beautiful Christmas tress.

Entertainment will be provided by the dance band After 8 and a silent auction will take place from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Chef Tommy Masaracchia of Tope La has prepared a marvelous buffet dinner for the party goers. The Crescent will be providing a full bar, champagne and party favors for the guests.

Fire and Ice - Habitat for Humanity

Fire and Ice - Habitat for Humanity

The Fire and Ice theme was so popular that it was decided to keep the theme for this year’s gala. Many of the materials and decorations from last year’s event have been used for this year’s New Year celebration in an effort to save money and provide a greater profit from the fund-raiser. A special “thank you” is owed to Mr. Hoover who allowed the organization to store last year’s materials in his building making this money saving move a possibility.

The Ginger Ford Habitat for Humanity in Hammond builds an average of three homes each year.

DECEMBER 31, 2008    8 PM – 1 AM
For tickets call: 985-542-6866

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Home Buyers Get A Christmas Present

December 25, 2008

As a Realtor®, it is always my pleasure to deliver good news to homeowners and home buyers. The timing on this news make a perfectly wonderful Christmas present for those considering a home purchase in 2009.

The mortgage interest rate has fallen to a historic record low of 5.17%! In just two weeks, the rate has fallen from 6% to the new rate.

A lower interest rate means that more people can qualify for a loan. It also means that qualified buyers have two great choices.  They can purchase a home in their price range for a lower mortgage payment or they may choose to buy  more home for the same payment as they could have purchased previously.

A lower interest rate gives home buyers more buying power. At today’s rate compared to the rate a few weeks ago, a home buyer who qualified for a home loan of $100,000 may now be able to qualify for a loan closer to the $115,000 range.

That is happy news for everyone; the home buyer and the nation. A critical factor for the recovery of our national economy is greatly dependent on the recovery of the national housing market.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Hammond’s Almost White Christmas

December 18, 2008

Although a little early, it was an almost white Christmas in Hammond on Thursday.  The kids had a great time enjoying their rare snow day.

No one can appreciate snow like those who only experience the magic rarely. Adults and children enjoyed a snow fight or two and many built a Child playing in the snowsnowman to show their artistic side.

This is not the first time it has snowed in the Tangipahoa Parish; but snow is unusual. The snow was much heavier and lasted much longer than our “normal” snow storms.

Even though it was a little early for a white Christmas, the gift of snow Mother Nature sent us was enjoyed and appreciated by most. Snow fell throughout the Tangipahoa Parish, covering it with about six inches of snow.

The children of the Tangipahoa Parish experienced a true snow day with the closing of their schools. Adults had to fight snarled traffic and unfortunately, as in any storm, there was an increase in traffic accidents. Some business were forced to close due to power outages. There were numerous power outages due to fallen tree branches throughout the area. Power was restored to most areas by Saturday.

Despite the power outages and traffic related problems, the snowfall did make our holly-jolly season just a little “holly-jollier”.

Please post any of your “snow day” experiences in my comment section. I would love to hear about them and I am sure the other readers will enjoy them as well.


Hammond Supports Safe Driving

December 11, 2008

Hammond will show its support of safe driving practices this Saturday (December 13) as the host for the AARP Safe Driving Class. The class will be held at the North Oaks Diagnostic Center.

The holiday season is the perfect time to attend the class to learn some new driving tips or as a refresher course in driving safely. What better gift to give yourself and your family than knowledge that can keep you safe in the new year.

You can also give yourself the gift of savings on your automobile insurance premiums as insurance companies are required to give discounts to those who attend the class.

The class will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For more information you can contact Howard Edwards (429-1818) or to register contact Paula Joiner at 345-1952. The cost for the class is a reasonable $10.


Hammond Research Station’s New Facilities

December 3, 2008

The Hammond Research Station recently dedicated new facilities, a $1.1 million dollar project. The Hammond Research Station is one of the twenty research stations operated by LSU AgCenter.

The new facilities include an office building that houses an office for the manager and six offices for personnel. The 3,900 square-foot building also features a roomy 100-capacity conference room with state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment. A 1,400 square-foot multi-purpose building was also dedicated. The building includes two offices, a lab area, and a room for preparing plant samples. The new buildings replace those built in the 1950’s.

The new facilities will allow for more research and educational programs for the public and professional growers. The conference room’s telecommunication system will allow the station to televise educational programs and information to other AgCenters statewide.

The LSU AgCenter’s main focus has been to conduct agricultural research for southeast Louisiana , especially in the field of vegetable and strawberry production, being major crops in the area. A new focus has been added with the development of the “green industry”.

The “green industry” contributes about 2.2 billion dollars to the state’s economy and is growing each year. The new facilities in Hammond will allow for more research in the new field of “green living”.

LSU AgCenter hosts an awesome website, You will be surprised at all the information you can easily access from food safety to Holiday tips. You can also learn about the research the AgCenter is doing and what educational programs are being offered.