Fire and Ice in Hammond , LA

December 31, 2008

Fire and Ice is the theme, once again, for the Ginger Ford Habitat For Humanity fund-raiser to be held tonight in the old Schwegmann Building . The New Year’s Eve gala should prove to be a wonderful evening for all those in attendance. Over 500 guests are expected.

Volunteers from all walks of life in our community have hammered and nailed to transform from vacant building to a winter wonderland ballroom. The empty grocery store now features a chandelier, dining area, martini bars and a stage for the band. Decorations include snow and 30 beautiful Christmas tress.

Entertainment will be provided by the dance band After 8 and a silent auction will take place from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Chef Tommy Masaracchia of Tope La has prepared a marvelous buffet dinner for the party goers. The Crescent will be providing a full bar, champagne and party favors for the guests.

Fire and Ice - Habitat for Humanity

Fire and Ice - Habitat for Humanity

The Fire and Ice theme was so popular that it was decided to keep the theme for this year’s gala. Many of the materials and decorations from last year’s event have been used for this year’s New Year celebration in an effort to save money and provide a greater profit from the fund-raiser. A special “thank you” is owed to Mr. Hoover who allowed the organization to store last year’s materials in his building making this money saving move a possibility.

The Ginger Ford Habitat for Humanity in Hammond builds an average of three homes each year.

DECEMBER 31, 2008    8 PM – 1 AM
For tickets call: 985-542-6866

Ginger Ford Habitat For Humanity Links:

Restore: http://www.gingerfordhfh.org/restore/index.php
Donation options: http://www.gingerfordhfh.org/donate/index.php

Volunteer opportunities: http://www.gingerfordhfh.org/volunteer/index.php


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