Don’t Miss Alley Oop on January 17

January 14, 2009

You do not want to miss the January 17th edition of Alley Oop in the comic section of your newspaper. This very special edition will be featuring the art work of one of Hammond ‘s own!

Erin Holloway won the national Alley Oop contest. She will be honored by having her Alley Opp drawing featured in the Daily Star this Sunday. Look for the dinosaur (Tyrannosaur) holding a Happy Birthday sign. This is the drawing submitted by Erin .

This is not the first drawing contest Erin has won. She took first place in a Tangipahoa Parish drawing contest about ways to protect our environment. She drew a picture of people with trash bags picking up litter.

Erin is 12 years old and is home schooled. She is also a student in the Southeastern Louisiana University Community Music School . Erin loves the arts, she likes to sing, act, draw and do sculptures. Of her sculptures Erin says, “My sculptures are either modern art or Cattitudes – which are cats with attitude.” She has also played in several local theater productions with the Octavians.

I am sure we will be seeing and hearing much more about this very talented little lady in the future.



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