Northshore Fuller Center Needs You

May 6, 2009

The Northshore Fuller Center has opened its doors in Hammond.  The Northshore Fuller Center is a non-profit organization spearheaded by David and Tamara Danel that serves the housing needs of low-income families in the parishes of Tangipahoa, St. Tammany and Livingston.
As with most non-profit organizations, the Northshore Fuller Center needs help.  Before you get your checkbook out or look to see if your budget can manage another donation, consider giving your time.  The Northshore Fuller Center needs you.  You are a valuable commodity within yourself.  Volunteers are needed to serve as board members and to serve on various committees.  College students to retirees, you are needed; whether you can pick up a phone or swing a hammer, you are needed.  There are talents that you may not even know you possess; David and Tamara will be happy to help you discover and develop them.
Housing is more than just a building, it is more than just a roof over our heads and it is more than a shelter from the elements.  Homes are more than just sticks and bricks.  Houses are our homes, the place we laugh, cry, love and live.  Homes are refuges for our children.  This is where we express our own personal artistry through our decor and landscaping.  Homes are one of the very basic needs of every human; a place to call their own.  Our homes influence what we think of ourselves and what we can accomplish in life.  Home ownership brings pride and stability to a community.  The Northshore Fuller Center for Housing wants to make home ownership a reality for over 250 families in the Tangipahoa, St. Tammany and Livingston parishes.
The Northshore Center realizes that there is more to home ownership than just owning the home.  For many on a fixed or low-income budget, routine maintenance repairs to their home are more than they can manage.  The Northshore Fuller Center will be helping homeowners to help themselves with maintenance improvements to their homes.  Well maintained homes benefit everyone in a community.
David and Tamara were personally requested by Mr. Milliard Fuller to establish the Northshore Fuller Center, which is the 50th covenant partner for the Fuller Center for Housing and the third covenant partner in Louisiana.  Mr. Fuller’s vision was to provide homes for every family in the world with dignity.  Rather than give them charity, he gave them pride of ownership.  Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing provide homeowners a means to purchase their homes or pay for the needed repairs by giving them loans to match their ability to pay.  These loans are interest free and no financing costs are factored into the loans.
Help change the world one home at a time; call Tamara at 985-507-0732.
Millions For Milliard
Mr. Millard Fuller passed away in February 2009.  To honor his memory, the Fuller Center for Housing has launched an initiative to raise $1 Million for Millard by August 30th, 2009.
To become involved or to learn more visit:
Northshore Fuller Center
Fuller Center For Housing 
Disaster ReBuilders
Faith Builders Program
Global Builders Program
Greater Blessing Program
RV Builders Program
Student Builders
Bike Trip

Yvonne Martin and the Martin Team, Tangipahoa Real Estate


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