Get Ready for the Cold in Hammond

January 6, 2010

With the temperatures dropping, it is time to get ready for the cold in Hammond.  This means protecting your pipes, pets and and plants.  Wrap your pipes up so that the cold temperatures don’t freeze them, possibly making them burst.  Make sure your pets have adequate shelter against the cold temps and plenty of fresh water.  You will need to cover any cold-sensitive plants and give them plenty of water.

In addition to your pipes, pets and plants, check in on your elderly friends or relatives to make sure they have an adequate heat source.  Many of our senior citizens tend to be colder normally than their younger counterparts.  So, dips in the temperature can affect them immensely.  If you find that a senior citizen is in need of help, you can always contact the local government to see what programs they offer for such situations.

Keep any combustible materials at least three feet away from a heat source, especially portable heaters that are so popular this time of year.  Another heat source that people don’t think about is the stove/oven.  Don’t use this to heat up the house because they are not meant to run constantly.  Combustible materials need to be kept at least three feet away from these as well.  Also, keep an eye on children with blankets so that they don’t get too close to a heat source.  Paper is a major combustible that must be kept safely tucked away from any heating source as well.

Getting ready for the cold in Hammond by following the above tips will help you get through the cold weather this year.  Let’s all stay safe and warm!

Yvonne Martin, the Martin Team, Let My Family Bring Your Family Home to Hammond Real Estate


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