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Selling in the Hammond and Ponchatoula Area!!

August 18, 2015

We are here to help!!  Selling Doesn’t have to be a scary experience!!

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Day Dreaming!!

August 10, 2015

DeerAs the temperature soars the thoughts of fall and winter abound in my head.  I have a cross bow and finally my Dad and I will get to hunt together again.  Funny the older I get the more I want to be around him.  The more I want to try to learn and try and not let the old ways be forgotten.  My father has been taking me hunting since I was a small boy.  I mean small.  I think I was six or seven the first time I sat on the back of his truck with my old  crack barrel .410.  It was a single shot, but I was deadly with that.  Well at least for the rabbits I hunted.  I use to look so forward to our hunts.  The great adventures.  The endless supply of stories and the unyielding thirst for the sport.  I can still remember the excitement I felt, camping in an unspoiled wilderness,  Following newly pushed logging roads picking up arrow heads left and right, and simply taking a break from the constant buzz of society.  Just loving the quiet.  I can remember in freezing cold temperatures my father firing up the old Coleman stove, frying eggs and bacon in the woods, saying eat some bread to soak up all that grease.  The slight fear of setting off behind my father’s flash light and being sat on my deer stand in the pitch black of night and watching my father’s light slowly slip away and only catching glimpses of it as it danced through the brush, like lightning bugs on a warm summer’s night.  The darkness swallowing me up and the fear of that moment, only to be amazed at God’s beauty when, with the dawn, the world slowly awakened with the sky in different hues of gray, orange, and blue.   The excitement of the twig snapping, The grace of the deer’s approach, and Usually the speed in which the deer ran away with gravity taking a second seat to their power.  Then the peace of the early morning setting in.  The joy I saw in my father’s eyes.  He was at peace.  I was  at peace.  For me the time spent never got old.  I can remember playing my heart out on the football field, with all my hunting stuff packed in my Dad’s four wheel drive truck, then leaving just after to be in the woods some two hours away for dawn.  Now I have children of my own.  I understand the value in family.  The hope in your children.  Hopefully I can spend those hours with my girls that they need.  Hopefully I can be as good of a Dad as my Dad was with me.

Craig Martin