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Cypress Reserve in Ponchatoula, LA

July 12, 2017

Cypress Reserve

Cypress Reserve is a new DR Horton Development happening in Ponchatoula, LA.  

New Homes Now Selling Now!!

Welcome Home to Cypress Reserve!

D.R. Horton’s Cypress Reserve is our newest community in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Conveniently located to I-12, St. Tammany, Hammond and New Orleans. Ponchatoula was recently voted one of the “Best Places to Live”. This charming town is the epitome of southern living with names such as Antique City and Strawberry Capital. Ponchatoula is also host to the annual Strawberry Festival; the second-largest festival in Louisiana.

Cypress Reserve is a beautiful community with homes starting in the $160’s. Our plans range from approx. 1,320 – 3,173 sq ft. With over 30 floorplans to choose from, each one offers unmatched efficiencies, functional design innovation and superior craftsmanship all at affordable prices.

There is a good chance you will find the perfect home for you and your family.

Give me a call if you are interested in one of these beautiful properties and all the amenities of a top notch Subdivision Development.

Contact us Below for a List of All of the Floor Plans and Amenities




Craig Martin, Next Home Real Estate Professionals, Martin Team, Hammond, LA, Each office independently owned and operated. Licensed in LA, Cell:  985-507-9359, Office:  985-429-0777



Trends for the Year 2017

June 22, 2017

I know it has been a while since I have blogged on here, but I have had a lot of health issues and so happy to be back to work.

I am in a competition in the next 90 days so I need your help!!!  If you know of anyone who is buying or selling within the next 90 days please let me know their name and number.  Just either email me:  or call at 985-507-9359


I am adding the Real Estate Trend Report for the Hammond/Ponchatoula Area.


Craig Martin



Selling in the Hammond and Ponchatoula Area!!

August 18, 2015

We are here to help!!  Selling Doesn’t have to be a scary experience!!

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Day Dreaming!!

August 10, 2015

DeerAs the temperature soars the thoughts of fall and winter abound in my head.  I have a cross bow and finally my Dad and I will get to hunt together again.  Funny the older I get the more I want to be around him.  The more I want to try to learn and try and not let the old ways be forgotten.  My father has been taking me hunting since I was a small boy.  I mean small.  I think I was six or seven the first time I sat on the back of his truck with my old  crack barrel .410.  It was a single shot, but I was deadly with that.  Well at least for the rabbits I hunted.  I use to look so forward to our hunts.  The great adventures.  The endless supply of stories and the unyielding thirst for the sport.  I can still remember the excitement I felt, camping in an unspoiled wilderness,  Following newly pushed logging roads picking up arrow heads left and right, and simply taking a break from the constant buzz of society.  Just loving the quiet.  I can remember in freezing cold temperatures my father firing up the old Coleman stove, frying eggs and bacon in the woods, saying eat some bread to soak up all that grease.  The slight fear of setting off behind my father’s flash light and being sat on my deer stand in the pitch black of night and watching my father’s light slowly slip away and only catching glimpses of it as it danced through the brush, like lightning bugs on a warm summer’s night.  The darkness swallowing me up and the fear of that moment, only to be amazed at God’s beauty when, with the dawn, the world slowly awakened with the sky in different hues of gray, orange, and blue.   The excitement of the twig snapping, The grace of the deer’s approach, and Usually the speed in which the deer ran away with gravity taking a second seat to their power.  Then the peace of the early morning setting in.  The joy I saw in my father’s eyes.  He was at peace.  I was  at peace.  For me the time spent never got old.  I can remember playing my heart out on the football field, with all my hunting stuff packed in my Dad’s four wheel drive truck, then leaving just after to be in the woods some two hours away for dawn.  Now I have children of my own.  I understand the value in family.  The hope in your children.  Hopefully I can spend those hours with my girls that they need.  Hopefully I can be as good of a Dad as my Dad was with me.

Craig Martin



Our New Real Estate Website

July 7, 2015

Check out our New Website.  It is full of useful resources for both buyers and sellers in today’s competitive market.  Check out our Community Pages which will not only tell you a little about the place, but we even have the weather.  Remember if you want to buy or sell start at our website:




Real Estate Trends Report for Hammond Ponchatoula, Louisiana

June 30, 2015




I have included in today’s blog a link that will bring you to a trends report for the Ponchatoula/Hammond Area.  I tried to make a picture out of it so you would not have to click, but the image just kept coming up very blurred.  So either it’s blurred or you click, sorry I choose click.  Seems Hammond and Ponchatoula Markets have rebounded dramatically.  The Markets are actually thriving at this point.  Sales are getting a little more difficult to bring to fruition, but that is not the fault of the buyer or seller, just the Industry in general is getting a little more difficult.  So if you are in the Market to Sell – Now is the time!!!!  If you are in the market to buy call me so I can get you to properties quickly to eliminate competition.  We look forward to helping you all.  As we always say.  The Martin Team is Where Knowledge and Experience Meet Hardwork!!




The Martin Team - Where Knowledge and Experience Meet Hardwork!!

The Martin Team – Where Knowledge and Experience Meet Hardwork!!


















So ask yourself??  What does this trends repot show you.



How Great It Is!!!

June 18, 2015

Finally something that makes since from the Federal Government.  Ok partially makes sense anyway.  They have decided to postpone the implementation of the new Dodd/Frank legislation from August 1, 2015 to October 1, 2015.  This should give the Industry a little more time to prepare, but also should get the Industry out of the busy season before shoving this insane legislation down the throats of hard working mortgage, real estate agents, title companies, buyers and sellers necks.  How insane has this Country become saying they are helping the buyer out, by making them wait longer, costing them more money, and generally making it harder to close their home loan because of fear of the fines this new Branch of the Government, that answers to no one, inflicts.  Let me say I understand how my for fathers were feeling toward the English.  CFPB through TRID is going to make the real estate Industry a maze of paperwork and deception.

I found a Great Article about it all.  Take a Look.

CFPB moves TRID Date to Oct. 1, 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced on Wednesday a proposal to delay the effective date of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule until Oct. 1.

“We made this decision to correct an administrative error that we just discovered in meeting the requirements under federal law, which would have delayed the effective date of the rule by two weeks,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray.

“We further believe that the additional time included in the proposed effective date would better accommodate the interests of the many consumers and providers whose families will be busy with the transition to the new school year at that time,” added Cordray.

The required loan documentation consists of two new forms: the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure to ensure compliance.

It was originally set to go into effect on Aug. 1.

These new forms consolidate the TILA-RESPA forms and are meant to give consumers more time to review the total costs of their mortgage. The Loan Estimate is due to consumers three days after they apply for a loan, and the Closing Disclosure is due to them three days before closing. These two requirements have thrown the mortgage industry into a frenzy as they try to comply by the deadline.

The public will have an opportunity to comment on this proposal and a final decision is expected shortly thereafter.

This announcement comes shortly after huge news earlier this month, when the CFPB announced that it would allow a good-faith enforcement grace period that both the mortgage industry and a bipartisan coalition in Congress had asked for.

The enforcement grace period will be open-ended, David Stevens, chairman and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association, said, because Cordray wants to be flexible. At the very least, it should run through the end of 2015, Stevens said.

“We don’t know how disruptive or (not) this implementation will be. If more time is needed, he keeps that flexibility,” Stevens said. “It seems at minimum through the end of the year – and we will all be assessing this roll out.”

Then, on June 10, a large group of industry trade organizations joined Congress in pushing the CFPB to formalize that grace period for the enforcement of the TRID requirements.

Some in Congress, including U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., Chairman of the Housing and Insurance Subcommittee, and U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, Chairman of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, responded to the CFPB’s announcement letter regarding the TRID grace period, saying it was a good first step, but not nearly enough.

This group was then joined by a consortium of industry trade groups that threw its support behind a Congressional effort to formally define the grace period.

In a letter sent to Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee, the groups urge the Financial Services Committee to pass H.R. 2213, which would provide a “reasonable hold-harmless period for enforcement” on TRID.

Brena Swanson Author