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Tangipahoa School Plan Needs YOU

April 8, 2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the Tangipahoa School System Proposed a New Plan.  Your input regarding the plan is being requested by city leaders and the Tangipahoa School System.  The proposed plan is important to all of us, especially those with children in our school system and future students.  Please review the Educational Plan so that you can give your opinion and suggestions.  Public forums are being planned for April 18th and 19th.
Mayor Foster (City of Hammond) is calling for your input as well: “I am asking the public to let me know your thoughts, concerns and suggestions on the school system’s proposed desegregation plan, so that I can, as your representative, voice your needs to the school system and its designees.”  You can email the Mayor at
The education plan is an issue we must be involved in.  The new desegregation plan is not a choice, as the Tangipahoa School System is under a federal order to desegregate the parish school system.  The plan is currently still a draft, but the final plan must be submitted to the court on April 30.  The educational plan includes a new tax of 1 cent to fund the approximate $183.4 million in school improvements.  If the plan is approved, the tax will go to vote in October.
Be involved.  Send an email to the Mayor and attend the public forums.  Remember, this is a proposed plan.  However, the plan must be finalized for approval by April 30.  Time is running out.
Yvonne Martin, The Martin Team


Tangipahoa School System Proposes a New Plan

March 18, 2009

It is still in the planning stages, but the proposed plan to increase educational opportunities in the Tangipahoa Parish are very attractive.  The proposed plan would upgrade our current opportunities by creating a High Tech Career Education Center and specialized training classes in magnet schools.  Classes would provide training in communication, construction, design, medical and performing arts fields.  The proposal includes offering the International Baccalaureate program and the Montessori approach to learning in our Tangi schools.
The High Tech Career Education Center would allow students from all high schools to attend the center for specialized classes and then return to their regular high school for their standard scheduled classes.  Hammond Westside Primary and Roseland Elementary would offer the Montessori learning approach and would be designated as magnet schools.  Amite Elementary, Independence Middle School and Woodland Park would be designated as magnet schools offering communications with the latest technology.  Hammond High School would offer a Medical Professions certified program in various areas of the medical field in conjunction with North Oaks Medical Center.  Hammond Eastside and Kentwood High School would offer a performing arts curriculum.  Hammond Eastside Elementary, Hammond Junior High and Hammond High School would participate in the International Baccalaureate program.

The proposed plan would bring a variety of learning opportunities to Tangipahoa Parish.  As with any proposal, some think the innovative programs would improve the quality of education for our students, while others do not think implementing new programs is the answer.  What do you think?  Will the plan provide better education to Tangi students?
Yvonne Martin, Keller Williams Realty Services
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